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Creating a website.....

So I had this mad crazy idea of creating a website for the pub, I've managed to sit at my desk for the last 5 hours and feel like i'm slowly getting somewhere, but not quite as quick as i would like....

So why am I trying to create a website for a pub that is not particularly easy towards mobile phones?!?
There's so much happening at the pub with events and new ventures to the building that I thought it was time the whole world should know and keep up to date with everything.
Social media is great but I think it's time we made the next step forward. Im not sure publishing long winded posts on the facebook page would be that fun so having the chance to write a blog would be a little easier. 
I guess the other main reason is that i'm off for some surgery soon so will need a project to keep me occupied whilst I recover. Maybe a website is a good idea or is it :) ? 

Amy BennettsComment