Freehouse est.1660

The Back Back Room & Kitchen

So there's been some works happening in the back ground, in order to open up areas for people to find more seats and for groups to meet. There's the flooring to finish off and to find some nice pieces of furniture to go in there including some wall art. Its a lovely little space and will be a great addition to the pub and will flow nicely through from the back room.. I have had some great feedback already from our lovely regulars who are always interested in what im doing. 
As much as i find the "back back room" an endearing name and there was talk of it becoming the "Jimmy Tarbuck Lounge" named aptly after a legend of a local Chippy one NYE. It seems "The Armoury" has had a seal of approval Wonder if you can guess why?

So The Armoury is not the only thing that has been happening in the background, the "kitchen" has been totally transformed and houses my beautiful coffee machine which will be up and running within the next month. So we will soon be able to serve proper coffee and a selection of teas i may just spoil you with a slice of cake :-) 

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