Freehouse est.1660

If there was a wish....

I have said this for a long time, that if I could have a wish it would be to have a book full of empty pages and have the pub walls tell its story.
Imagine all the stories that would be told of salty old sea dogs and smugglers galore. The tales of Royal visits and family joys.
I also often think about how much I wished that granddad and myself had continued to sit and talk about all the stories, the problem was on the occasions we did, I was so intrigued that pen to paper wouldn't meet and the giant mugs of tea would be flowing all evening. He always wanted to write a book, but found himself so intertwined with writing a sermon or his guilty pleasure of Sudoku that time just passed.

Wouldn't it be great if we could all tell the stories we know of the pub and share it with the world?
Do you have stories/tales of the stars? or pictures that we could share? If you have to be able tocreate something before time passes too quickly and the history is lost would be amazing.
Either email me or drop something into the pub.

Amy x


Amy BennettsComment